Connect to Christ and the CHurch

At Crossroads we believe connecting relationally and spiritually is very important.  Explore below to find the opportunities we offer to assist you with this

Connect to Jesus

We believe a personal relationship with Jesus is the key to salvation.  Because we love people we want to see them freed in their everyday lives and for eternity.  This can only occur by being united with God through the sacrifice of Jesus.  

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Connect in Worship

How amazing is it to come together as one and give glory to the only true God?  How excellent is our God Who would send His own Son to redeem us and restore our relationship with Him? 

Join us each week as we celebrate together what an epic God we have!

Live takes us all over the world but we still want want to connect together in Worship.  We now offer live streaming through Youtube

Connect to Each Other

We are created in God's image.  Part of that is being relational.  We long for healthy relationships.  We believe connecting followers of Jesus to one another is vital to this.  Enjoy a lunch, potluck, or event with us today!

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