Meet our Teams!

This all does not happen on its own!  We are blessed to be lead by an amazing group of people who love God!

  • Pastor Neil went to Grace University for Youth Ministry and Bible where he swore he would never be a lead pastor.  God serenely has a sense of humor as15 years later He brought Neil to Crossroads to be its next lead pastor.  Pastor Neil enjoys spending time with his wife Becky and their three kids, Spending time outdoors, playing video games, riding motorcycles and shooting guns.  It is defiantly never a dull moment in the Magnuson household.

  • Worship Leader - Tommy sheffield

    Our worship team is currently being led by Tommy Sheffield. His style is very relaxed with a heart for the Spirit. 

  • Pastor Neil is gifted at a few things, but one of those is not administration.  William has joined the team with over 30 years of business and IT experience. William grew up in Custer and has returned after several years away. He lives with his wife, Shawn and, together, they train and show horses, create beautiful art from steel and have found their home here at Crossroads. If you have any questions about what is going on at the church, William can let you know, or at least should be able to let you know..

  • Elder Team

    Our Elder team is comprised of godly men who are faithful to the church. We look to 1 Timothy 3:1-7 for the qualifications for elders. Currently we have Russ Evans and Neil Magnuson serving as our elder team. We thank them for their dedication and heart for Crossroads Church and God.

  • Deacon Team

    Things need to get done, that is where this team steps in.  Though all at Crossroads are active in serving this amazing team takes point in that endeavor.  Thank you Deacons!

  • Kids Town Childrens Ministry DIrector

    Kids are not the future, they are today.  We believe kids and students are a key element in any body of Christ.  Covid took us for a spin this past year.  We are rebuilding and preparing for 2021.  Jami Teske is our Children's Ministry director and is growing our future with awesome plans and outings.

  • Crossroads of custer x-treme Student Ministry Director

    Student are not the future, they are today.  We believe students and children are a key element in any body of Christ.  Many events currently under way. Contact Patty Evans or Tommy Sheffield for more information.