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Read or download the Crossroads Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws HERE.

Partner Through Giving

We believe worship is a multi dimensional experience.  We sing we, We study, We obey, We Give.  When we give back to God a portion of what He has given us we are declaring to Him and the World the value He has to us.

Through your gifts to Crossroads Church you partner with us to stay Bible Centered and Relational Prayer, You partner with us to continue in Active Outreach and Engaging Fellowship impacting the Local Body of Crossroads, Custer Community, Beyond to the Whole World. 

Thank you for being a partner of Crossroads through giving back to God!  Give Here!

Partner Through Service

The body is made up of many parts.  All are important, All are necessary for a healthy life.  This is true for the Body of Christ at Crossroads as well!

We encourage you to seek out opportunity to serve at Crossroads and in your local Contexts.  No one has the relationships you do; no one can take Christ where you can.

This includes our Kids Town.  We would love to have you involved!  The world around often uses children for their own purposes.  To help secure our children CLICK HERE for a background check so we can get you involved right away!  There is a cost to the background check however, if funds are a problem let us know so we can get it worked out!

Do know we don't show these backgrounds checks to everyone.  Only those that have to see it will.

Partner Through Memebership

Are you a member of Amazon, Sam's Club, or Costco?  Do you get special benefits because you are a member of a club or group?  This is nothing like that.

The Church has been called to make disciples.  Part of the process we use for this is what has often referred to as membership.

At Crossroads membership means you are on board with our mission, core values, and doctrine statement.  It means we are teammates that work together to accomplish what God has set us out to do... Together.

Any person who has placed their temporal and eternal faith in Jesus can partner with us as  a member at Crossroads.  Want to know more?  Check out the links below.

Crossroads Doctrine Statement

Crossroads Articles Of Incorporation

  Crossroads Membership Form

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